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Scrouging DOES reward

Today I FOUND a CHEAP source of Anderson PowerPoles.

I found only the black housings, but for only ridiculous US$ 0.15!

I'll have to buy the contacts in a local reseller for US$0.62 each.

The complete assembly (2 housings+2 contacts) will cost me a total US$1.54, less than half the price if I bought from the local reseller.

To keep to the standards (there is no such thing in PY-land, unfortunately :-( ), I'll paint half the housings red. I bought just 60 of them, but they have a box full of 'em (10 thousand!).

If I realize a way to sell them all, I'll buy the box. I'll try a bargain price (yes, less than US$0.15/ea), but that won't be cheap.

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