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Updating the update/Atualizando a atualização

I took a look in some AT power supplies just to realise that many of the things I want in my homebrew PS is are almost done.

The internal connections are ready, since in the PCs, the AC mains is connected to the power switch through the power supply. That means: the four conductor (blue, brown, black, white) cable that comes out from the power supply has both an AC IN (black, white) and an AC OUT (blue, brown).

This came to greatly simplify my ideas. I just have to run a separate power cord (to have wires in the proper gauge) and connect the black and white leads from the PS to a bus wire inside the case.

The bus wire connects to the power cord through the Power switch. MUCH EASIER than I had thought.

Atualizando a atualização

Aguarde !

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