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Power Supply Ready / Fonte Pronta

Well, I just finished modifying the AT power supply. I'm only waiting for the paint to dry, but that may take a little while, as the day is pretty rainy.

I've done a _very_ simple mod, as described here (portuguese only, sorry). The mod consists in adding a zener diode and a rectifier diode plus a capacitor in paralell with them. I think this is very similar to the mod described in the final part of this article.

Of course, I've added a personal touch, fitting the back of the modified power supply with PowerPoles, which was chosen as the default power connector at my shack.

BTW, I'm impressed with the engineering embedded in this fantastic product. After buying a couple of contacts, I was able to conectorize all the cables, plus a battery cable in just a few minutes. It is a piece of cake! Although I don't have the proper tooling to crimp the powerpole contacts, it just took me to (wasted) contacts to learn the proper way to crimp them using only a regular nose pliers (with crimping dents). Part number for the pliers is STANLEY 84-053.

Fonte Pronta

Acabei de modificar a fonte de um computador AT para usar na minha estação. A modificação é bem simples, e pode ser encontrada aqui.

Numa próxima etapa, farei a modificação mais complexa descrita neste artigo (em inglês)

Adicionei um toque pessoal na minha fonte, usando os conectores powerpole para conectar ao rádio. Maiores informações sobre estes conectores no site da Metaltex.
Agora, só falta fazer o exame de promoção e conseguir um novo indicativo!

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