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Solar Powered Battery Charger

Ma, look, I built a solar powered battery charger.

Part Price Source
5W Foldable Solar Panel US$29.95 eBay
Batt. Charger R$ 95.00 Hardware Store
1.5mm^2; Wire Zero Junk Box
Power Poles US$ 8.00 PowerWerx
Total ~US$83

Now, the specifics.
The solar panel is just that, a 5W, Foldable solar panel from eBay (seller is vitabon).
Quite compact, weighs a bit less than 2 pounds.

Then, there is the trailer connector to PopwerPole, from Powerwerx. Came in quite nice, because I didn't wanted to screw the panel. As you can see, the lead wire is a bit short.

The Y cable I built with powerpole from an unspecified origin.

The battery charger is on of those dual source, ie.: both household AC and cigarette lighter adapter. The plug is one of those fairly standard, altough I don't know the exact dimensions. Negative jacket.

To say this project was costless is an overstatement, but all parts are useable on other settings. For instance, I bought the panel with SLA charging in mind, then I bought the OPP from W4RT, so instead I'll power the FT-817 from the panel while charging the OPP inside the radio.

I have two of those panels, so I can charge batteries on the other, for the camera and GPS.
Yeah, I plan to be pedestrian mobile on the trail with the wife. I'll carry hamstuff, she carries the other panel with battery charger.

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